born1 [bo:n US bo:rn]
a past participle of ↑bear
born 2
born2 W2S1 v
1 be born
2¦(start existing)¦
3 born and bred
4 be born to do/be something
5 I wasn't born yesterday
6 there's one born every minute
7 be born under a lucky/unlucky star
8 be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
1.) be born
when a person or animal is born, they come out of their mother's body or out of an egg
Forty lambs were born this spring.
be born in
Swift was born in 1667.
She was born in India, where her father was a British official.
be born at
Then, most babies were born at home.
be born on
I was born on December 15th, 1973.
be born into/to/of sth
(=be born in a particular situation, type of family etc)
One-third of all children are born into single-parent families.
be born with sth
(=have a particular disease, type of character etc since birth)
Jenny was born with a small hole in her heart.
I was born and raised (=born and grew up) in Alabama.
be born blind/deaf etc
(=be blind, deaf etc when born)
a newly-born baby
the queen's firstborn son
be born lucky/unlucky etc
(=always be lucky, unlucky etc)
Australian/French etc born
(=born in or as a citizen of Australia etc)
be born
something that is born starts to exist
the country where the sport of cricket was born
be born (out) of
(=existing as a result of a particular situation)
The alliance was born of necessity in 1941.
Bill spoke with a cynicism born of bitter experience.
3.) born and bred
born and having grown up in a particular place and having the typical qualities of someone from that place
I was born and bred in Liverpool.
4.) be born to do/be sth
to be very suitable for a particular job, activity etc
He was born to be a politician.
5.) I wasn't born yesterday
spoken used to tell someone you think is lying to you that you are not stupid enough to believe them
6.) there's one born every minute
spoken used to say that someone has been very stupid or easily deceived
7.) be born under a lucky/unlucky star
to always have good or bad luck in your life
8.) be born with a silver spoon in your mouth
to be born into a rich family
HINT sense 1
Do not say 'I born', 'I have been born', or 'I am born'. Say I was born : He was born in Pakistan.
born 3
born3 adj [only before noun]
[: Old English; Origin: boren, past participle of beran; BEAR1]
1.) born leader/musician/teacher etc
someone who has a strong natural ability to lead, play music etc
the skill of a born actor
2.) born loser
someone who always seems to have bad things happen to them
3.) in all your born days
old-fashioned used to express surprise or annoyance at something that you have never heard about before
In all her born days she had never heard anything like it.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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